2017-2019 Soros Youth Fellows A.K.A. My People

“Foster Care is an incubator for the criminal justice system.” -Jermaine Reed

Fostering Incarceration is more than just a project.

I am a strong believer in the wonders of personal narrative. Not only to provide information but to inspire, cause chaos, move mountains and work miracles. This project is about more than just simply telling stories; it turns tragedy into beauty and oppression into celebration. It is my goal to shine light onto a debilitating and chronically ignored issue that weights on the worlds most innocent and valuable possession– our youth.

Welcome to my Journey! Over the next several months I’ll keep you updated on all my new discoveries and conversations, right here on fostering incarceration. While I know the topic is heavy, I’m excited about this crazy adventure and extremely thankful for this opportunity. I’ve already made some life love friends and some wonderful discoveries about not only the child welfare system but who I am as an activist and I cannot wait to continue to document it all for you!