“I don’t believe in coincidences; our paths were meant to cross.”

People are by far my most valued and prized asset. All the projects you see on my profile have been fueled by my love of connecting to people and changing lives. Purpose, to me, is the reason for your being that has cultivated through every experience you’ve ever had. Based on this philosophy, I believe I was created to inspire proactive and collaborative change through partnerships, investments and of course, creativity.

Right now, I am focused on changing the lives of teen girls. It has been a goal over the past couple years to find a formula that works. I have found success on 10 key components that have been proven to help raise self-esteem. Practice positive self-talk, Exercise, Learn a new skill , Set goals and Celebrate successes , Satisfy your body’s needs, Help someone, Post affirmations , Treat yourself, Elevate your mind and Consider your strengths. I wanted to teach girls not to limit themselves, be confident in what they have to say and share their stories.

Everyday, I challenge the idea of “can’t”. Whether I’m working with youth in my community, or building brands; I make it my mission to ignite imagination and cultivate creation. With the problems we are facing today– poverty, bullying, gender and race issues– it’s easy to be discouraged. But, with collaborative thinking and strategic utilization of resources, I believe my generation can be the change.

“Leave a little room in your heart for the unimaginable.”